I Am Myblessedhands!

Blessed in Spirit. Gifted by Hand. Crafty in Mind. Designer at Heart.

I Style Hair with LOVE


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I Care about your Health!


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This service includes a 1 on 1 Counseling Session ( virtual or in Person) to assess where you are in your health journey.


This service includes a customized 28 day meal plan catered towards some of foods you love, along with swapping out comfort foods for more healthy options.


This service includes 1 on 1 grocery hopping ( virtual or in person) to help guide you on how to properly shop for foods that will heal your body.


This service includes 7, 14, or 28 day recipes. They can range from Breakfast, Lunch, Snack or Dinner.

My Motivation
Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed
but sacred messengers who encourage us
to take better care of ourselves. 

Understanding that what I eat directly affects how I feel, how my skin responds, and how my body reacts is what motivates me to make better choices.

Eating to live, also means eating for my hair and the results prove that I am what I eat. Now I desire to help others grow to understand what directly works for them so that they can meet their goals too. 

Eating for your body also plays a major part in how our bodies respond day to day. Many people desire certain foods and will sacrifice pain or discomfort in order to feed such desires. I help people come out of habits and replace them with more effective balance and self-control, so they can love their bodies more effectively. 

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