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Myblessedhands® Calendula St. John's Wort Salve is a must have staple around the house. 

It is inflused with fresh Calendula Herbs to perfection, along with St. John Wart Oil, Beeswax, and graced with the calmness of Lavender Oil. 

Calendula and the Wort Oil blends nicely and works exceptionally well for healing skin wounds, burns, rashes, and nerve pain and damage.



Calendula St. John's Wort Salve

  • It's best to apply the salve at night on the rash, wound, bug bites,or the skin that is itchy. 

    If you have a bug bite, the wort salve will bring the puss, or infection to a head and it will drain out. 

    Clean the wound with peroxide and let it get some air before apply an bandage to clear of any dust or air.

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